CI & Website Copy for Lucid.Studio

Corporate identity update for the Berlin design studio Lucid, including development workshops, positioning strategy & text development for the extended ‘About’ section for Lucid.Studio.

April 2019

Full ‘About’ Text for Lucid.Berlin

Complex projects require clarity to effect meaningful change
— Lucid.Studio partners with organisations invested in our planet’s future. We design processes and mediums that enable intricate challenges to be solved with lasting impact.

A strategic approach to complex challenges
— Our digital processes equip visionary organisations with the resources they need to achieve their aims in an interconnected world.

Research methods with depth and breadth
— We delve deep into various disciplines, social structures and human needs, and contextualise them with data and content to illuminate the scope of the project.

Digital processes with a tangible impact
— Guided by our findings, we design (beautiful) digital applications, mediums and methodologies that enable our clients to create real-world change.

Anna Dorothea Ker