Constellations of Space

Press text for a collaborative exhibition by the Berlin-based artist-designer duo Yellow Nose Studio and the Berlin-based artist Kim Bartelt, including name, concept development, artwork and practice descriptions and updated biographies.

December 2019

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Organic materiality, meticulous handcraft and a subdued palette align the practices of artist Kim Bartelt and designer-artisan duo Yellow Nose Studio, whose works come together in a considered assemblage at Baldon Berlin, situated in Arno Brandlhuber’s brutalist Lobe Block in Berlin-Wedding.

Five works from Bartelt’s latest series, Raw, line the walls of Baldon’s mezzanine space. Their canvases provide backdrops for investigations of form, which manifest in abstract shapes composed of found and residual tissue papers the artist saves from everyday occasions, such as the purchase of flowers or wrapping from a Paris boutique. Minimal yet imbued with a quiet energy, Bartelt’s paper paintings transmit the meditative quality of her painstaking process of pasting and embedding. The idiosyncrasies of each sheet of tissue—creases, folds, a raw edge here or there—allude to their past applications. Only up close does their layered fragility reveal itself.

Placed in dialogue with selections from the Raw series are the six furniture pieces that comprise Yellow Nose Studio’s entirely handmade N-02 collection. Their pagoda box-inspired compartments hold within them the ceramic tableware pieces that complete the collection’s tea session concept. Demarcating the border of the mezzanine, their presence sets the scene for the exhibition’s centrepiece: N-03 [double], an installation exploring how memory and identity fluctuate as space and time expand.

Brought to life by a performance during the vernissage, N-03’s double sliding seat is accompanied by ceramics whose positions shift constantly, reflecting the increasing distance between past and future. For the duration of the show, N-03 will remain as an interactive installation—inviting visitors to sit, linger, and spend an unhurried moment amidst this harmonious constellation.

Clients: Yellow Nose Studio, Kim Bartelt
Photo credit: Marina Denisova

Anna Dorothea Ker