G.S. Rogado’s Insight

"Insight brings together recent works by the painter Giacomo Santiago Rogado. Spanning the past five years of his oeuvre, the selection focuses on the series Intuition, Coalescence and Introspection, alongside a series of large-scale installation works. This new publication offers the reader an intimate encounter with Rogado’s finesse for seductive form."

Anna Dorothea Ker

German to English translation and proofreading and exposé text for the artist book Insight (School of Observation, Berlin, 2019), which presents a selection of works by the Swiss painter Giacomo Santiago Rogado.

G.S.Rogado, Insight, 2019
Linen hardcover, 217 pages, 33x24cm, English/German
Concept and graphic design by Studio Amanda Haas
Texts by Gabriela Acha, Yasmin Afschar, Seigaku Higuchi,
Simon Maurer, Chris Sharp
Translations by Anna Dorothea Ker, Laura Storfner

Photo credit: Giacomo Santiago Rogado

Anna Dorothea Ker