High Lux: The Art of Ginger Q

Interview with LA-based multidisciplinary artist Ginger Q for the seventh print issue of the contemporary automotive journal Garagisme, published in Spring 2020.

January 2020

“The politics of space—who can be where and under what conditions—comes into sharp focus in the art of Ginger Q. Born in Guadalajara and raised in Los Angeles among the neon and metalsmithing workshops neighboring her father’s screenprinting business, Ginger brings the DIY ethos of the neon mentors of her childhood to her own practice. A CalArts graduate and designer by day, her command of craft—meticulous, expressive, and blisteringly beautiful—is matched with a critical take on the nuances of place and identity. Her artwork frequently finds form as flames, bodies, or deconstructed vehicles. Here she shares with Garagisme some recent preoccupations: a refurbished 1997 Toyota Tacoma, the entrenched class divide of LA’s public transport system, and strategies for replacing the patriarchal status quo with new models for success.”

Order Issue 7 of Garagisme here, and view more of Ginger Q’s art.
Photography & Creative Direction by Gilles Uzan.

Anna Dorothea Ker