The Future(s) of Internet Age Media

“In the Internet age you are a medium,” states the manifesto of Lucy Black-Swan and Andrés Colmenares. “Together we are media.” It is our future as collective media — or rather, futures in the plural — that the partners in work and life have spent over a decade questioning, imagining, and creating. In 2014, they founded IAM, an alternative think tank and strategic consultancy dedicated to critically optimistic, collaborative thinking about digital futures. Central to their philosophy is a reconsideration of what we consider to be the internet. Lucy and Andrés’ definition is “networks of networks of people”. Rather than technology itself, it’s the way in which people engage with technology that interests them. “Humanity is what happens in between humans,”  Andrés says. “We are the internet.”

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+ Feature commissioned by Intern
+ Developed feature angle and concept development
+ Interview conducted via Skype, transcribed
+ Concepted and wrote final feature

Feature created for Intern in 2019
Photo credit: Jan Phoenix

Anna Dorothea Ker