Lead Editor of Sentido ‘The Book’


SENTIDO Hotels & Resorts is an international luxury hotel chain owned by the Thomas Cook Group. With over 70 hotels across 13 countries (and steadily grown), SENTIDO approached iGNANT Production to produce their editorial destination guide, “The Book”, which showcases, alongside their hotels, a curated selection of editorial features on the most exciting, authentic experiences each destination had to offer — from natural wonders and historical landmarks to artisans and fine dining. The Book will be published in 2019.

+ Producer for productions in Greece and Turkey
+ Created and organised call sheets for 10 day + trips
+ Liaised with local businesses to arrange production dates
+ Provided remote support to production teams on location
+ Traveled throughout 2017-2018 for on-the-ground productions
+ Mallorca, Turkey, Tunisia, Thailand, Morocco, Greece and Spain
+ Conducted interviews in German, French and English
+ Created editorial features for over 100 destinations
+ Edited and proofread over 300 editorial features

Commissioned through iGNANT Production
Photo credit: Franz Grünewald

Anna Dorothea Ker