Slowing Down with Dóra Földes

Interview with Dóra Földes, artist and founder of Grus Grus Vintage, for the ‘Modern Muse’ journal series of A Very Modern Muse (AVMM).

January 2020

Artist, stylist, business owner, mother – whichever area of her life Dóra Földes turns her attention to, her approach remains consistent: instilled with love and care, following her intuition and setting her own pace. Her vintage boutique-café Grus Grus in Berlin-Wedding is a microcosm of her world: an oasis of calm, an extension of her philosophy, and a reflection of her style. On a January morning, a leisurely conversation on sustainability, coincidence and living slowly reveals the inspired mindset that makes Dóra A Very Modern Muse.

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Photography by Fanette Guilloud, ocré studio

Anna Dorothea Ker