Proofreading for Land’s End

Proofreading and copyediting consultation for the publication 'Land’s End' by Andreas Gehrke, photographer and founder of Drittel Books.

July 2019

Description of Book:

Land’s End features ten artists who photographed what is now the Topography of Terror site between 1981 und 2014, including John Gossage, Michael Schmidt and Joachim Brohm. The connection between photography and memory is obvious: photographs, like our memories, are drawn from reality, yet they convey a pictorial materiality all of their own. In their role as editors, Andreas Gehrke and Michael Disqué adopt an artistic approach to address the site, a place that was initially rendered unrecognizable by demolition and repurposing, rediscovered in the 1980s and embedded in the historical memory by the Topography of Terror Foundation.

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Anna Dorothea Ker