Rave About Travel App Copy

UX and micro copy for the Beta version of the Rave About Travel App, a community-driven social app for travellers with a free spirit, as well as CI consulting, email copy and postcard texts.

September 2019

Beta App Copy Examples

Welcome to your feed! This is where your friends’ latest raves will appear – the latest first. Serious wanderlust is just a scroll away.

Not pushing your buttons, are we? This function isn’t available yet, as everyone follows everyone in Beta mode Once the app goes public, you can choose who you follow.

Feeling lost? We’ve got you – these collections are just a placeholder, to show what you’ll be able to create when the app launches.

Hey globetrotter! This map will show every place you’ve saved to Rave, all around the world.

Dear trailblazer, we’re so happy you’re here – and we want to know how you’re enjoying the journey. Tell us what you love, what’s missing, and everything in between – nice and specific, please! The more you share, the better we can make the app for you.

Explore the Rave About Travel platform and app here
Photo Credit: Bantersnaps via Unsplash

Anna Dorothea Ker