The One Billion Seconds Project

Throughout 2019

Editor-in-Residence with the Barcelona-based alternative think tank IAM for the development and publication of One Billion Seconds. The six-part long-format editorial thought experiment invites readers to engage in long-term thinking on how citizens can use technologies to rethink global urban challenges and improve life in cities. Interviewees: SPACE10, Fab City, Superflux, WAAG and IdeasCity. Features forthcoming (translated to, and published in Spanish) on Red Bull Basement.

Client: IAM x Red Bull Basement

“As the planet’s population grows over the next three decades and beyond (10 billion by 2050, with 2.5 billion in cities), so too will the issues facing urban life, driven by the ecological emergency, urbanisation and demographic shifts. One Billion Seconds is an invitation to engage in long-term, pluralistic thinking about global urban challenges leading up to 2050 and beyond, and to collectively imagine how citizens and communities can use technologies creatively to improve life in cities. In a five-part editorial series, One Billion Seconds will bring together a plurality of perspectives to explore, deconstruct and reimagine different approaches to creative social innovation for our urban futures.”

Photos via Unsplash
Full series published here

Anna Dorothea Ker