A. Dorothea Ker

Selected Rescripting Reality

Bridging Realities

For most of history, our understanding of reality, of cultural experience, has been tethered to the physical world. Corporeality, temporality, and tangibility were what gave something its value, whether attending a vernissage or owning an art object.

Over the past decades, that has begun to change. Technological advancements, cultural shifts and, more recently, societal necessity, have accelerated the rise of the digital world, ushering in new modes of creation: playful, flexible, and limitless. The physical and the digital are gradually merging towards unity. Their fusion points to a new hybrid era of extended reality, in which art and culture are freed from spatial and temporal constraints, and the rules of experience are rewritten.

It is between these two worlds that my practice is situated. I create to bridge their ever-blurring boundary, so as to reveal the infinite possibilities of the digital: led by the imagination, rendered into being, and shared openly. With 3D art as my medium, the objects and spaces I build invite a reconsideration of what it means to be immersed, to connect – guided by sight and felt with the spirit, perhaps evoking a familiar feeling, a recent dream, or a distant memory.

Works like Hortensia, Job Interview and Quick Tiny Show in particular embody this transcendence. Each began as the expression of a concept in 3D, and, in response to global intrigue, was transformed into a tactile manifestation, a material monument to the emerging hybrid era.

As the physical and digital worlds continue towards unity, I will keep creating across them: To reveal the vast human potential their fusion is forming. To signal that it’s no longer necessary to touch something to be touched by it. And to call into question where the imagined ends and the real begins.

'Complicated Table' from The Shipping NFT Collection © Andrés Reisinger Studio
'Time Table' from The Shipping NFT Collection © Andrés Reisinger Studio
from The Shipping NFT Collection © Andrés Reisinger Studio