A. Dorothea Ker

Selected A Collection’s Four Corners

With collection N-04, Hsin-Ying Ho and Kai-Ming Tung of Yellow Nose Studio draw on their backgrounds in architecture to inform a new aesthetic direction. Proportion and scale take on bolder dimensions, experiments in material treatments lead to unexpected patinas, and collaborations with likeminded designers initiate new visual dialogues.

Yellow Nose’s trademark poeticism, fine-tuned balance and appreciation of tactility imbue the six objects comprising N-04 with a certain gravitas. Rectangular slabs and plinths form the foundational component of each object: Two lounge chairs, a floor lamp and three vases form the building blocks of a living space intended for contemplative solitude. Resolute in their solidity, they set a tone of reassuring consistency—steadfast as pillars, they are anchor points between which the body pivots and pauses.

Materiality is integral to N-04. The malleable characteristics of each material—concrete, wood, clay—are brought to the fore. Coatings are natural, textural inconsistencies are respected, and finishes, in the case of the vases, are left to chance. Traditional construction techniques originating in the designers’ Taiwanese heritage and Japanese influences are reinterpreted together with the ceramicist Jin-Chu Wang and design studio Krediano Objects. Commanding in their presence, N-04’s objects have a graphic, geometric air, creating the illusion of a two-dimensional image when viewed face on. This effect is captured in a black and white editorial series by the photographer Bennie Julian Gay, who has also cast each of Yellow Nose Studio’s previous collections in a contemplative light.