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Seeking: Superlative Sleep

We spend a third of our lives in sleep mode, yet 45% of us aren’t content with its quality or quantity* Following the science, we explore proven strategies for better nights of rest.

5 Natural Sleep Enhancers

1. Keep your body clock consistent with a regular bedtime
2. Incorporate regular physical exercise into your schedule
3. Avoid screen time to minimise blue-light exposure
4. Power down with a pre-sleep ritual such as reading
5. Let fresh night air filter in through an open window

Sound On, Doze Off

Unwind with an ambient tracklist of binaural beats: sonic illusions that emerge from variations in frequency that soothe the nervous system and prepare your mind for a peaceful slumber. Light a candle, get cosy, and tune in to tune out.

For Your Waking Hours

Sleep is just one of the four pillars of wellbeing. Designed to empower your immune system from the inside out, our Strong Mind & Body Program offers a month’s worth of actionable expertise, guidance and inspiration with lifetime benefits.

*Only 55% of adults worldwide are happy with their sleep quality. See Philips 2021 Sleep Survey