A. Dorothea Ker

Opaque Photo Book Translation Anna Dorothea Ker
Cover of Opaque by Stephie Braun — layout Büro Bungalow — Kerber Verlag

Selected Translation of Opaque

Translation of concept texts by Stephie Braun:

More than a picture 

Not everything you see is everything you are. You are more than your looks, more than your appearance, more than the image you have of yourself. More than the image you make of yourself. 

You are more than an image. 

You are an image that you have of yourself. You are an image that others have of you. You are many images. Take all the many in you and make a clear picture of it for yourself. This picture will open your eyes. 

Live this true picture. 

Never forget what it looks like. Look at it again and again. Remember that one picture as long as you live. And keep it close to you, because in the end, only a few people will ever see this one image of you and feel true love. 

Image from Opaque by Stephie Braun
Image from Opaque by Stephie Braun
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