A. Dorothea Ker

Project Overview Name
  • For The Weekender

    At the Florentine artist residency, an experimental energy keeps things dynamic

    Editorial Feature, Architecture

    In Residence at Numeroventi
  • For Zürich Tourism

    Discovering a dozen facets the gleaming Swiss city

    Editorial Feature, Travel

    Zurich Twelve Ways
  • For OnOffice

    Editorial feature on Jean Moulin Atelier House, an artist’s live-work enclave in southern Paris

    Editorial Feature, Architecture

    Architecture Paris Artist Atelier
    Jean Moulin Atelier House
  • For Form

    Charting design’s past decade at a temporal precipice

    Editorial Feature, Art

    Mood of the Moment
  • For Friends of Friends

    Stefan Diez’s prescient design practice is a case study for the circular economy’s potential

    Editorial Feature, Design

    Industrial Design’s New Blueprint
  • For Index

    Distilling the quiet power of culture’s favourite format

    Editorial Feature, Culture

    On the List
  • For Dwell

    A stone barn in the Swiss Alps is reimagined as a residence

    Editorial Feature, Architecture

    Heart of Glass
  • For Elle Decoration UK

    Meet the most promising talent spotted at leading Belgian fair for contemporary design

    Editorial Feature, Design

    Seven Wonders of Collectible
  • For Garagisme

    The art of Ginger Q comes into sharp focus

    Editorial Feature, Art

    High Lux
  • For OnOffice

    A 1920s cultural institution becomes a sumptuous boutique hotel

    Editorial Feature, Architecture

    Volkshaus Basel
  • For Broadsheet Media

    In pursuit of fresh perspectives in Aotearoa’s southern city

    Editorial Feature, Design

    Weekend in Ōtepoti