A. Dorothea Ker

Project Overview Name
  • For The Weekender

    At the Florentine artist residency, an experimental energy keeps things dynamic

    Editorial Feature, Architecture

    In Residence at Numeroventi
  • For My Inner Health Club

    Excerpts on the pillars of holistic wellbeing

    Newsletter, Wellbeing

    The Journey Within
  • For Andrés Reisinger

    A collectors’ text on the creations that made NFTs go mainstream

    Concept Text, Art

    Rescripting Reality
  • For Zürich Tourism

    Discovering a dozen facets the gleaming Swiss city

    Editorial Feature, Travel

    Zurich Twelve Ways
  • For OnOffice

    Editorial feature on Jean Moulin Atelier House, an artist’s live-work enclave in southern Paris

    Editorial Feature, Architecture

    Architecture Paris Artist Atelier
    Jean Moulin Atelier House
  • For Form

    Charting design’s past decade at a temporal precipice

    Editorial Feature, Art

    Mood of the Moment
  • For Yellow Nose Studio

    Catalogue and object texts for Yellow Nose Studio’s fourth collection

    Catalogue, Art

    A Collection’s Four Corners